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From disposable and washable absorbant pads to underwear designed for 8 hours of total bladder control loss, Freedom Medical stocks many different kinds of incontinence products, to meet any need you have. 


We stock many different kinds of bandages to care for your post-surgical needs, including extra-long island dressing, surgical sponges, nitrile gloves, transparent film dressing, and many different kinds of tape. None of our products contain latex.


Freedom Medical stocks knee high, thigh high, and pantyhose style compression. Our professionally trained employees can take the relevant measurements to properly fit the garments in a variety of compression weights, from 15-20 mmHg to 30-40 mmHg. 


For when you need a simple cane, and when you need something more robust, Freedom Medical stocks a wide variety of mobility equipment. We are happy to demo our products, to find the product you are most comfortable with.


One of the most important ways to stay independent is to have the tools needed to accomplishing daily living activities. From being able to get dressed, get up and down from a chair, bed or toilet seat and be mobile, Freedom Medical strives to provide the tools you need.


Freedom Medical Solutions provides medical equipment repair services with the highest level of quality, convenience, and overall satisfaction for our customers. Services include but are not limited to brands such as Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Merits, and Invacare.


Mobility and accessibility is important, and to facilitate our customers' independence, Freedom Medical Solutions provides both removable and installed ramps, as well as skilled technicians to provide and install stair lifts and vehicle lifts.


Our rental fleets include wheelchairs, walkers, power mobility, and more. Rent exactly what you need, for as long as you need, with only one brief visit to our showroom to pick out your equipment. Some rental products include a delivery fee. Please see our Rentals page for more details.

When looking for a new product customers often forget about service and repair after the sale. Customers use the internet to shop for the "cheapest" product they can find. When the product the bought on the internet fails, often there is no one to service it, especially under warranty. The Internet company you bought it from is now impossible to reach or "doesn't do that"! Even the most basic medical equipment requires service and repair. Where will you go for service? Freedom Medical supports ALL the products we sell with service, repair and consulation. 


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