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Freedom Medical Solutions has been dedicated to providing you with medical equipment and products since 2004. We have over 14,000 products but only one mission. Helping you maintain your quality of life as your health needs change.


Freedom Medical has over 14,000 products available to consumers that normally are only available through your Doctor or Hospital.  Providing products to professionals for over 12 years has allowed us to learn what works, and what doesn't.  Let us help you find the right product at the right price to increase your quality of life, let you live in your home longer, and maintain your independence.



Many of the products we sell require fitting or training for proper use. All Freedom Medical Associates are Factory Trained and Certified to make sure you understand how to use the product you've selected and get the most out of it.


Freedom Medcial is an Accredited Durable Medical Equipment provider, Accredited by The Compliance Team. Ensuring that the advice you get and the standards we are held to meet national standards for hygene and infection control.





Your medical and mobility equipment requires routine maintenance and may need repair during it's useful life. Freedom Medical is here to help you keep your equipment in top operational condition. From diagnosis to parts supply, we have a team of factory trained service technicians to provide support, advice, and training. Freedom Medcial can also offer warranty repair for the products we sell. Need service and repair for your medical equipment? Call Freedom Medical today!

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